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Large Area Coatings

New technologies and applications in Large Area Coatings are rapidly changing the world around us. Loyal Target is expanding market and profiles itself as a unique materials supplier in this field.

The integration of electronics and optics finds its use in an increasing number of devices. A wealth of information, available in an electronic form, is made visible on a variety of displays. On the other hand, solar cells convert light to useful electricity. Displays and solar cells are typical examples of layered structures of various electro-optically functional coatings on glass or plastic substrates.

ITO (Indium tin oxide) coating materials is used as a transparent conductive oxide. Loyal Target provides a diverse portfolio of both sputtering targets and evaporation materials. Even for the most complex applications, such as thin film solar cells, Loyal Target can produce the materials for every single layer present, including a complete range of high performance sputtering targets for Si, CdTe, CIS, CIGS cells.