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Loyaltarget provide Target Bonding Service with Indium solder binding and OFHC Copper Backing Plates. During our experience in bonding process, Loyaltarget employs special metallization process to avoid traditional flaws of high cost metallization and inconvenience in sputtering. It is the best option so far for certain application, especially for bonding large scale target.

Metallic bonding can provide very good thermal and electrical conductivity and are used for most sputtering application. Indium is the preferred material for bonding sputtering targets since it's high thermal conductivity and high efficiency at drawing heat away from target. Indium is also much more malleable than other bonding solders. The main limitation of indium bond is it's melting point of 156.6°C, so temperatures over 150°C should cause bond melt and fail.

Most materials can use indium bonded. Silver loaded electric conductive paint is an alternative bonding method that touts a higher temperature capability than indium bonding. Silver loaded electric conductive paint are recommended when customers need higher sputtering temperature. Silver loaded electric conductive paint is also suitable for low melting point target materials, temperature sensitive compounds and targets that have either low density or are especially fragile.

Our Service

Bonding all metal targets.

Bonding hard and crispy ceramic target, including special doping target.

Bonding splicing target for large scale display.


Sputtering target from small custom product to high volume.

Reliable bonding process fits your budget based on our expertise and knowledge.

Advantages in cost and yield for both planar and cylindrical (rotary) target bonding.


Battery : CuGa(In), Ga, In, Sn, ZnS, Solid Li compound

Touch Panel : Si, Nb, ITO, SnO, Nb2Ox, Au(alloy), Ag(alloy), Cu(alloy)

Circuit for FPD, Transparent conductive film : ITO, AZO, FTO,Al(alloy), Cu(alloy)

Construction glass : Al(alloy), Ag(alloy), Cu, SST

Demolding material for mold : C(alloy)

AR coat for touch panel : Si(alloy), Nb compound

Piezoelectric : PZT, BFO

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