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Quartz Crucible - Silica Crucible

To request a quote for evaporation sources or other services, please send email to inform requirements for material dimensions and quantity. You can also call at +86 10 62926252.

Quartz crucible has the advantages of high purity ,high temperature resistance, with big size ,good thermal insulation, economization on energy ,quality stability etc.

Fused quartz crucibles are used in the manufacture of silicon metal for semiconductor wafer applications and polysilicon. In order to produce high quality wafers, starting materials are added to a crucible heated to high temperatures and pulled from the melt as a single crystal. Fused Quartz is one of the few materials that can combine the high purity and high temperature properties required for this process.

Product Name: Quartz (SiO2) Crucible

Appearance White to clear crucibles

Melting Point 1900 °C (3450 °F)

Boiling Point 4046 °C

Density 2.2 g/cm-3

Exact Mass 59.966756

Monoisotopic Mass 59.966756

Refractive Index 1.5

Thermal Expansion 0.5 µm/m-K

Tensile Strength 50 MPa (Ultimate)

Thermal Conductivity 1.4 W/m-K

Young's Modulus 73 GPa

Poisson's Ratio 0.17

Specific Surface Area 720 J/kg-K