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Indium Tin Oxide Pellets Evaporation Materials - ITO

To request a quote for evaporation materials or other services, please send mail to inform requirements for material composition, purity, dimensions and quantity. You can also call at +86 10 62926252.

Item Name: Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) pellets
Color: Black (High Density)
Density: 7.1g/cm3
melting point: 1565°C
boiling point: 2072°C
Evaporation temperature: 2000°C
Particle uniformity : Uniform
Smoothness: Good
Purity: 99.99% (4N)
Contents: In2O3, SnO2 (regular proportion 90:10 wt%)
Dimension: Regular size: 1-3m, customized
Evaporator source: E
Technics: Hot Isostatic Pressing
Advantages: Has good chemical stability and thermal stability.
Application: Used for various optical coating in semiconductor and electron field.