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Indium Tin Oxide Sputtering Targets - ITO

To request a quote for Ceramic sputtering targets, target bonding and other services, please send email to inform requirements for element composition, purity, dimensions and quantity. You can also call at +86-10-62926252.

Loyaltarget is committed to provide customers with stable performance and high quality ITO target, according to the requirements of the users, composition of tolerance control at +/- 0.5 wt%, and dimensional tolerance control at +/-0.1mm, thickness ranges from 3 mm to 14 mm.

We have experienced in ITO material R&D, production and sales for over 10 years and perfectly know about all characteristics and possibilities of ITO materials.

Loyaltarget grow with industries of LCD, TP and LED. We experienced every improvement required by the correlation between our ITO materials and clients' products to achieve the perfect quality so as to meet your demands.

Item Name: Indium Tin Oxide ITO target

Purity: 99.99%

Composition: In2O3 (wt%):SnO2 (wt%)=90:10 / 95:5 / 97:3

Melting point: 1565°C

Coefficient of linear thermal expansion: 8.2×10-3K-1

Color: Black

CAS NO.: 50926-11-9

Shape: Square/Round/rectangle, Customization is available

Round: dia 25~300mm, Thickness: 3~10mm; Rectangular: Length up to 1500mm

Certificates: ISO9001:2008, SGS, The third test report

Technics: Hot Isostatic Pressing, Powder metallurgy

Relative Density: above 99% ( low pressure oxygen atmosphere sintering method)

Dimension: Largest single chip size of ITO target which is used in TFT - LCD industry, large ITO target can be spliced.

Application: Semiconductor application; produce transparency conductive electrode by vapor deposition; Vacuum magnetron sputtering ITO conductive glass and flexible ITO conductive film.