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Beijing Loyaltarget Technology Co., Limited

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Loyaltarget focus on thin film products - including Sputtering Targets, Evaporation Materials and PVD-consumables for Decorative Tool Coating Industry, Solar Energy Photovoltaic Industry, Flat Panel Display, Building Automotive Glass Coating and Optical Coating Industry.

  • Metal Targets

    Pure Metals & Alloy targets Al, Cu, Ti, Ni, Cr, W, Mo, Ta, Nb

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  • Custom Ceramic Targets

    Oxide, Fluoride, Nitride, Carbide as Custom Composition

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  • Metal Pellets

    Slugs, Pellets, Rods, Wires, Grain Shape

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  • Evaporation Materials

    Over 50 evaporation materials in stock

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  • Evaporation Sources

    Customized Crucibles, boats and filaments

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  • Target Bonding Service

    Indium solder binding &OFHC Copper Backing Plates

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